April 8, 2017 4mole

The Amazing Leveluk SD501

If you have been trying to weigh your options on the best machine to give you the ability to continuously generate water by way of ionized electrolysis, it is going to be in your best interest to see all that the Leveluk SD501 by Enagic has to offer. This is a machine known for having the absolute strongest electrolysis chamber available today. When you pair it with a number of the other incredible features, you really have an appliance that is going to pay for itself over a short period of time.

One of the many things that makes this appliance so desirable is that fact that it is easy to install and use. When matched with the overall performance and the ability to deliver to the customer a variety of water options in both acidic and alkaline forms, you will see that you really have something that is worth investing in.

The Leveluk SD501 is an advanced water ionizer unit that utilizes high quality technology as a way of delivering healthy, alkaline ionized water with each use. It features a built-in electrolysis chamber and is able to generate five different kinds of water that can be used for a wide range of houses needs. To make it even better, operation is a breeze with the control panel that is easy to understand and user friendly. If you are in search of an easy to use, efficient water alkalizer that is going to give you the healthy water you are longing for, this is the unit that can deliver.

Technical Aspects

This unit works by way of seven platinum coated, solid titanium plates that will ensure you get safe operation and high performance because of the thermal protection produced by the voltage stabilizer and current limiter.

While looking at the working technology, it uses a system of continuous ionized electrolysis that features a flow rate sensor that is built right in. You also have the ability to produce five different kinds of water, including strong acidic water, acidic water, clean water, as well as kangen water and a strong kangen water.

Designed to be used with the regular water that runs throughout your household water piping, this appliance has the ability to yield roughly 30 minutes of continuous water at regular room temperature. While looking at other ionizers for the size, this unit features a flow rate that is rather satisfying, giving up to 2 gallons a minute with kangen water, 0.7 gallons a minute for acidic water, and about 0.3 gallons a minute if you want strong acidic water. The unit also uses a filter and currently does not have any self-cleaning features.

Filtration And Ionization Properties

Not only are you able to produce the five different kids of water at different pH levels with this unit, but you will also be able to easily remove a great number of the contaminants that may be lurking in your existing household tap water. The drinking water that is produced as a result of this unit has been sown to increase the function of your body’s immune system and can work on helping you to fight cellular damage.

When drinking the different waters produced by the Leveluk SD501, you will notice a wide range of benefits. If you wish, you can even add in a number of chemical additives for electrolysis enhancement, such as acidic calcium. The enhancer basically works as an additive that forces particles to dissolve in the water and a one time addition will bring you roughly 13 gallons of strong acidic water.

Ease Of Use

With this unit, you will see that the installation is easy and there is little in the way of guesswork involved. When it comes to the plumbing, you can simply use the one way diverter that is included in the package that simply connects onto the end of your faucet. Before you know it, you are going to have the ionized water that you want just running right through your tap.

On the unit itself, you have a large and easy to read LCD display that will show you the unit status. All of the buttons are colored and clearly labeled so that you can easily understand how to get the kind of water that you need. There is even a small drawing with each button that will simplify the ability to make a selection.

When it comes to replacements, there are filters that should be replace after they reach a maximum of 1,500 gallons of water. However, the amounts could differ all depending on the type of quality of the tap water that you have. To take away all of the guesswork, the Leveluk SD501 system also has an easy notification system in the way of LCD display, voice and buzzer that will tell you it is time to replace the filter.

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