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Review On The Anespa Home Spa System


The Anespa Home Spa is a machine that is able to turn your shower into a beautiful hot-spring experience. If you spend a lot of your money every month on hair care and skin care products to try and keep your skin and hair hydrated and moisturized. You may not realize that every time you wash your skin or your hair you strip this moisture by rinsing using tap water that is chlorinated.

The product known as Anespa from Enagic®, is extremely beneficial for maintaining hydrated and healthy hair and skin. The Anespa ionized mineral-water is what removes toxic and harsh chlorine out of tap water and assists in making your skin feel hydrated, nourished and moisturized.

The Truth About Chlorine

Your skin, hair, eyes, hair and lungs are very sensitive when it comes to the irritating and harsh effects that chlorine brings about. However, these effects go further than just the hair and skin. Chlorine also exacerbates any pre-existing skin issues or conditions and leads to premature aging.

The Anespa Home Spa System from Enagic produces a stream of continuous ionized and healthy mineral water. This system also removes bacteria and any of the other types of harmful substances found in tap water. While at the same time adding moisturizing minerals which protect the skin, strengthen and add shine to the hair.

Features Of The Anespa System

•Smaller Clusters, Better Absorption

Anespa removes bacteria and chlorine out of water and the dual-cartridge system is what contains the therapeutic ingredients which offer a relaxing and enjoyable hot-spring effect. Water that passes through the shower head is broken into small clusters and these clusters are then absorbed by the skin. This unique and innovative machine is able to generate 2.5 to 4 gallons of water every minute, which means you never have to worry about running out of this healthy water while you take a shower.

•The Massaging Shower Head

The Anespa system comes with an ergonomically designed and relaxing shower head which was created in such a way that it provides that luxurious and sensational spa experience. Home owners and Spa’s enjoy the sleek and contemporary look of this machine and all users will truly enjoy the sensual and pampering effects that this system can offer.

•Mineral Ion Water

The Anespa system contains a unique blend of natural minerals and hot-spring ingredients which causes the water to turn slightly alkaline which produces extremely relaxing effects. These ingredients are also proven to be extremely effect against freckles and skin deterioration. These ingredients include:


Mineral stones that come from Japan from the Futamata Radium Hot Spring based in Hokkaido. This stone is what provides the water with the same relaxing and gentle effects of hot springs.

MIC Stone

Produces slightly alkaline active water which is great for skin and hair.

Power Stone

Is what generates very strong negative-ions.

How Anespa Produces Mineral Ion Water

•The External Filter

The first process involves filtering out the harmful components found in regular tap water. These include organic waste, taste, odor, sediment, phenols, chlorine and trihalomethanes. The Enagic® water makers have achieved this in the way of using a carbon filter that is multistage-activated that contains antibacterial granular which is activated with Calcium Sulfite and carbon.

•Neodymium Magnet

This magnet of very high quality decomposes water molecules to produce much smaller clusters which activates the water and changes the water into slightly-stimulated. This also assists the water in absorbing mineral more efficiently.

•Ceramic Cartridge

The cartridge features a ceramic filling layer which is around 3 times thicker when compared to other similar products currently on the market. The ceramic balls of Chikutan and Futumata Radium Hot Spring are filled comfortably into the single cartridge.

Relaxing Water

Anespa is able to produce a continuous flow of warm or hot water at 4 gallons in a minute. The system’s massaging head is what adds into the extremely relaxing effect.

Healing Effects Of Natural Hot Spring Bath Or Shower

Anespa contains a natural blend of minerals and stones from the Futamata Radium Hot Spring in world-renowned Hokkaido in Japan. These extremely therapeutic and beneficial waters have been in use for hundreds of years in Japan and used to heal an extensive array of aliments, to relieve pain and stress, relax muscles and to cleanse the hair and skin from any harsh contaminants.

With Anespa you are able to bring this Spa experience into your very own home. This unique system creates a cascading and warm ion bath which offers you with a way to heal your body and mind right in the comfort of your own home. This system also offers you with a way to preserve your skin, protect your scalp and hair and a way to offer a hot-spring, rejuvenating spa experience.

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